Hide and Seek

Photo series, 2018-2019
We coexist as strangers
Finding our way
Our voice
Our touch
And a random eye contact

We are at once
And overwhelmed
Yet, we try to be
And distant
At once
When neither of these states can be lived in isolation
Only parts of us are present
Only parts of us are revealed
And exposed

As a glimpse
We hide
We seek
And so are our interactions. 

Hide and Seek is a series exploring the social and psychological spaces in between and behind our interactions with our surroundings. It is an invitation to observe and question the layers and depth of these interactions or the lack of them. In our public lives, how much imbalance between hiding and still seeking can our passing relationships tolerate?

The photo series was exhibited in 2019 as part of Reflection, a collective exhibition curated by Grace Gelder at Conway Hall, London.